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  • Falcon Power-TEK ultra-modern Bat
  • Vibrant colors and design
  • Handcrafted popular willow in Sri-Lankan Shape
  • Lightweight (lesser than 800 gms)
  • Available in full colored and natural willow colors
  • Double colored camo grip for extra hold
  • 35 inches height
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It is a classic timber style product with very vibrant colors and designs the sea-green falcon on its top with the branding of the product’s name adds so much class and style into its exterior and outlook. This handcrafted bat is made from willow in the Sri-Lankan shape. It is as light as 800 gms which makes it convenient to carry. Also, the facilitation of power Tek technology in this product makes it a go-to product to have out of the boundary shots. It is available in full colored and natural willow variation. Its double-colored camo grip enables the batsman to have a firm grip on the product. It has 35 inches’ aerodynamic blade.


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