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  • Made from English willow.
  • An ideal bat for beginners and cricket aspirants.
  • Handcrafted by seasoned craftsmen.
  • Durable rubber grip.
  • Comes with Glass Protek Technology
  • The beautiful logo of CA sports is inscribed on its top.


Power falls into the category of pocket-friendly bats which can be used by the beginners and cricket aspirants out there. CA sports never leaves behind any category or age group of sports enthusiasts. So this bat is specifically designed and manufactured for young batsmen. It is manufactured from English willow. It comes with Glass Protek Technology. There exists a beautiful sticker of the company on its top and a black durable rubber grip makes it less slippery. It is light in weight so it can be picked up easily. Therefore, these features collectively make it an ideal product for every learner and beginner


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