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  • Expertly prepared from Super Best English Willow.
  • Endorsed by Fakhar Zaman.
  • Made as per particular requirements of international players.
  • Awesome power condensed in the striking area
  • Enormous Sweet Spot, minimum 40mm edges, 9+ straight grains
  • Ultimate balance and superb performance
  • Offer Glass Protek Technology
  • Innovative embossed stickers with 3D-Effect (first time in Pakistan)


This product emerged to be one of the recent pieces in the market thus it has managed to be one of the more prevalent series of English willow bats. Ever since, this bat has been used by various batsmen such as Pakistan’s marquee opening batsman, Fakhar Zaman. So, that already adds up so much to the repute of the brand. Now, if we take into account the unique features that the bat possesses such as the amazing blade structure, fine and thick edges, and heavy sweet spot, all of them blended in a way that it is best for use with players of strong wrist work.It comes with Glass Protek Tecnology. It possesses variations in its appearance on the international level but the composition and dynamics of the product are the same, wherever it is being manufactured in any of the units of CA sports. The 3D grained sticker pasted on the front and back makes this bat strikingly attractive. Moreover, this very same series is way broader to making other cricket goods like gloves, pads, thighs, and kit bags. So this series is a must recommended one for aspiring cricketers and performers. All the aforementioned specifications make the Dragon 7 Star a prominent pick amongst the best batsmen in world cricket.


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